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Sailormade Woolwork Picture of a Ship of the Line

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A fine sailormade picture dating from around 1860 depicting a steam assisted third rate ship of the line.

Sailors woolworks are a well known art form from the hands of mariners adept with needle and thread. They needed to maintain their clothes and sails whilst at sea. With this skill, and often with time on their hands, they began to developed the art of making woolwork pictures, sewing wool to sailcloth, often depicting their ship at sea and sometimes recording farewells to love ones or an incidence at sea. Peculiar, although not exclusive to the British sailor, this pastime was to Jack Tar what scrimshaw had been to the whaler    

In excellent condition and with fine detailing to the rigging and gun ports, the sails fully padded showing them to be full of wind and the smoke stack is bellowing a thick and tightly stitched plume of steam and smoke.

Within a period mahogany wedge form frame with a fancy slip.  

o.s: 26.75 in x 22 in



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