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The Trussocks & A Companion View. Attributed to Patrick Naysmith

William IV Ormolu and Steel Fender

Tinsel Print Mr.E.F Saville as Barnard Jasper

Coalbrookdale Cast Iron Coral Stick Stand

Engraving. Hubert van den Eynden after Anthony van Dyck

Wirework Nursery Fender

Proportional Dividers

Steel Clamp

Two Specimen Marble Straightedges

Regency Rosewood Collectors Chest

Nursery Fender With Drying Rail

Military Campaign Games Compendium

Chinese Export Engraved Shell Box

French Corinthian Column Lamp

Sailormade Woolwork Picture of a Ship of the Line

Prisoner of War Watercolour Ship of the Line

Spode Money Tree Service circa 1820

Duke of Bouillon

Heemskirk-Type Candlestick

Japanese Egg Plant Tea Caddy

English Bronze Signal Cannon

Old Sheffield Plate Basket

Set of Four Pesepctive Views

Huntsman's Portrait by Joshua Dighton

The Mask & The Ghost

Rare & Wonderful Egg Cosies

Fine Model of a Rowing Skiff

Fabulous Bronze Table Lamp

Silver Pin Cushion

A Fine Camphorwood Chest

Cut Glass Table Lamp

Victorian Shadow Box with a Cottage in the Snow

Old Sheffield Plate Water Plate Dinner Plate

Folk Art Woolwork

Indian Padouk Centre Table

Lignum Vitae Rolling Pin

Iron & Bronze Axe

Portrait & Story of 'Old Hambeat'

Eastbourne by T.B. Hardy

Yeoman of the Guard Tunic Front

London Bridge by Frederick Goff,

Dobson's Military Campaign Lap Desk

Georgian Steel Wick Trimmers

Green Saint Louis Glass Straight-Edge

Equestrian Statue of the Duke of Wellington

Tiny Turnings Game

Galle District Calamander Workbox

Cartegena Grenade

Portrait Study of an Old Man

Beatrice & Benedick. Desmemona & Othello

Green & Black Tea Caddy

Gothic Revival Gallery Easel

Harewood & Convolvulus

Pearson-Page 'Georgian' Trivet

Giant Carving Fork

Georgian Pressed Tortoiseshell Snuff Box

Nuremberg Brass Dish

Venetian Gondola Mounts

Exceptional Georgian Tea Caddy

Maltese Miniature Suits of Armour

Georgian Dress Cane

Military Campaign Desk

New York Andirons

Pair of Chemists Display Cabinets

Thames Tunnel Souvenir Snuff Box

Arms of the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks

Dutch Brass Chaffing Dish

A Fine Portrait by Hugo Von Bouvard

The Clyde at Govan by W.L.Wyllie

Fabric Picture by M.M.Beldy

Model Field Gun & Carriage

Fine Steel Wick Trimmers

Merryweather Pattern Fireman's Helmet

The Snake in the Grass; Mezzotint after Sir J. Reynolds.

From 'Select views of Brighton'.....

Clay Model of Dog by Benedetto Sangiovanni

Roberson's Artists' Easel

A Fine Pair of Aquatints, Outward Bound; Homeward Bound

Campaign Rosewood Writing Slope

Georgian Pin Prick Picture

A Necklace of Watch Balance Cocks

Georgian Tobacco Stopper

Georgian Gemsbok Horn Cane

Father's Cauldron

Napoleon's House & Tomb Gaming Counter

Thames Tunnel Snuff Box.

Georgian Pepper Caster

Cut Steel Nutcrackers

A Fine Georgian Pepper Caster

Major Francis Tulloch by Tassie

Gothic Revival Clock by Bruce Talbert

Georgian Phoenix Trivet

Doulton Silicone Silver Mounted 'Cricket Ball'

Fabulous Dominoes

Blue & White Printed Platter Celebrating the Landing of Gen. Lafayette at New York

Thomas King as Puff

Austrian Bronze Horse

Vienna Bronze Fig parrots

Gothic Revival Sculpture Stand No.2

Bronze & Ormolu Putti Candelabra after Clodion

Horse Racing Inkwell

Denby Dale Giant Pie Plate

Turkish Runners. Figural Spelter Candlesticks

Foudroyant Vesta Case

Foudroyant Copper Tobacco Box

Sigismund Goetze: A Contented Sportsman

French Bulldog Parasole Handle

tThe Farmyard by Benjamin Zobel

A Pair of Stork Candlesticks

Sand Picture of Pigs in a Sty

Folding Travelling Lantern

Natural Bridge, Aquatint by Stadler after Roberts

Horse Portrait by H.F. Lucas Lucas

Chas Laborde. Ludgate Circus from Rues et Visages de London

Smallest Camphorwood Trunk

Chas Laborde. Music Hall New York

Chas Laborde. Le Cabaret from Rues et Visages de London

Hydrangeas and a Copper Lustre Jug by Leo Klin

Diorama with Ship Gt Britain

Zobel Sand Picture of Dray Horses

George III Mahogany Corner Cupboard Cum Shelf

American Silver Cuff

French Micro Bead Wallet

Collection of Glass Intaglios

Leather-Bound Gun Case

Reverse Painted Glass Chessboard

Woolwork of the Tartan Trews.

Her Royal Highness Augusta

19th Century Parallel Ruler

Caroline, Countess of Carlisle

Pair of Dated Coconut Cups

Joseph Wright by Joseph Wright

Ebony & Brass Parallel Rule

17th Century Stumpwork Picture

French Luggage Stand

Sailor's Fid

Mezzotint Portrait of Captain Thomas Coram

Fine Ivory Box Painted by Le Loup

Whaler's Fid

Charles 1 after Anthony van Dyke

A Small Whalebone Fid

King William & Queen Mary

Penknife Ruler

Whalebone Fid

The Sportsmen: Departure & Resting

Georgian Patch Box Scent Bottle

James, Earl of Seafield Engraved by John Smith

Narwhal Tusk Tip Fid

Artists' Easel by Roberson 99 longacre

5 Views of Wales by Paul Sandby

Regency Gallery Glass

Mahogany Artists' Easel

Admiral Lord Nelson Mortally Wounded......

Artist's Display Easel by Reeve & Son

Mid 17th Century Reliquary

Artists' Easel by Winsor and Newton

Surgeon's Instruments Case by Charrière

Coconut Teapoy

Sailorboy's Return & A Shipwreck'd Saylor Boy

Carington Bowles Droll: The King..........For Ever

Mahogany Wall Cabinet

American Wall Cabinet

Norwegian Tine Box

Georgian Iron Doorstop

A Pair of Carington Bowles Drolls

Silverpoint Portrait by Johannes Notz

Beard's Patent Daguerreotype

French Folding Travelling Lantern

Flora. Engraving After Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Georgian Whaler's Fid

Portrait of a Boy in a Sailor's Outfit

Relic of King James II

Iron Barbed Shackle

Perspective View of Rome by Jean Barbault

Terracotta Figure of a Cigar-Smoking Dandy by Johann Maresch

Terracotta Figure of a Dandy by Johann Maresch

Vue de la Maison de Ville a Nuremberg

Mariner's Tot Ladle

Goldsheider Terracotta: Am I Pretty Handsome?

Heraldic Office: Arms For Family Robertson

MacLean Family Heraldic Device

Travelling Corkscrew & Carriage Key

Graduated Set of Four Motto Skillets

Walking Cane With Ivory & Piqué-Work Handle

Bronze Owl by A. Cerrien

Whaler's Architectural Cane

Souvenir Travelling Inkwell

Carved Ivory Japanese Cane

Chinoiserie Terracotta Group by Andree Marchal

Architectural Element: A 17th Century Lunette Grille

Topoke Spear Money

Brig Morn Star by John Loos

Miniature Silver & Tortoiseshell Writing Set

A Grand Tramp Art Frame

Four City Views of Belgium

Bronze Sculpture of Silenus

Mahogany Desk-Top Security Box

Georgian Cheese Scoop

Top-Sail Schooner by John Loos

Early Victorian Silver Presentation Oar

China Trade Portrait of the Ship Columba

French Needlecase Cover


Skillet: 'Loyal To His Magiste' by John Fathers

Marquetry Trinity House Box

Calamander Drop-Leaf Side Table

Miniature Portraits Painted onto Glass

Regency Portraits of Knowlys Siblings

Horace Guthrie Castle's Winning Golf Ball

Georgian Coconut Cups

18th Century Gilt-Copper Snuff Box

19th Century Brass Dog's Collar

Young Hercules Strangling Serpents

Travelling Communion Chalice

Chinese Export Camphorwood Chest

Worcester Meat Platters

Brother & Sister Portraits

Horses' Head by Walter Herbert Wheeler

French Ivory Snuff Box

Portrait of a Traditionally Dressed German Girl

French Locksmith's Shop Sign

Hustings Notice For 1812

An officer of the East India Company

Fine Mahogany Side Table

18th Century French Folding Ruler

Whalebone Stay Busk

Horn Beaker

William IV Buffet

Pair of Watts Frames

Mezzotint of Lady Elizabeth Keppel

Norwich Company Fire Mark

Lead Fire Mark for Westminster insurance Company

The Most Noble Lord Horatio Nelson.

French Pastel Portrait of a Boy

Victorian Gallery Glass

A Favourite Hunter

Venice by Hans Trier

Yoke and Tree From Defiance Fire Engine

Georgian Brass Candlesticks

Curious Covered Cup

Steel & Ormolu Firetools

French Game of Roulette

Tavern Tobacco Box

Refracting Telescope by Joseph Smith

Georgian Mahogany Bachelor's Chest

Chest of Drawers for a Particular Space

The Hunter's Larder

Dover Priory Hotel

Folding Brass Music Stand

Horn Cachou Box

Shoe Snuff-Box

Pierhead Painter's Portrait of the Brigantine Hope

A Dark Bay Horse in a Landscape

MoD Eskmeals Photographs

Meiji Period Embroidered Silk Picture

Diorama Ship-in-a-bottle

Georgian Sundial

Ebony and ......Bone. Mid 20th Century Dominoes

A Pair of Portraits Rev. & Mrs. Fisher by Frank Eastman

Two 18th Century Mezzotint Drolls.

Old Stubbington House

Irish Mahogany Linen Press.

Major G. W Dowell's Gun Case

Whalebone Cribbage Board

Cut Glass Candlesticks

Cylindrical Bedside Cupboard

Late Georgian Cut Glass Bowl

Propellor Shelves

Saluting the admiral

Lignum Vitae Apothecary's Pestle & Mortar

Engraved Spice Box

Racing Yacht of the Jeffries Yacht Club by Thomas Willis (1850-1925)

Chinese Tea Merchants Tea Chest

Silver & Tortoiseshell Carriage Clock

Staffordshire Poodle.

Still-life larder Scenes. A Pair of Lithographs

Trompe-l'œil of an Old White Fiver

Still-Life Larder Scenes. A Plentiful Pantry

The Most Noble Lord Horatio Nelson, Viscount & Baron Nelson of The Nile

Grand Tour Roman Bronze Sculptures; Mastiffs Attacking Stags

Huge Flornetine Frame

Horse Veles by H.F. Lucas Lucas

18th Century Door Lock

Queen Anne Steel

Watch Balance Cock Chatelaine

"Sunday or The Happy Cottagers"

Packard & Ord Flower Tiles

American School Portrait

John Bratby by John Bratby

General Eliott Defender of Gibraltar in 1789

Saint Paul's Cathedral & Blackfriars Bridge

Old Fashioned Rose

Peninsular War Aquatint of a Coldstream Guard

Stag & Hind by Ralph Wood

Convolvulus. A Victorian Watercolour

Newlyn School Portrait

4lb Travelling Inkwell

7lb Travelling Inkwell

Perseverance Sewing Needles. Retailers Drawers

John Liston in the Role of Lubin Log

A Large Funeral Achievement

A Woolwork of the Royal Coat of Arms

Silver & Stag Antler Snuffbox

Henry Wyatt: An Intriguing Portrait

Mahogany Hanging Shelves

Chinese Gaming Counters

Walberswick & Aldeburgh

Fine Art Print on Silk

English Louis XIV Style Frame

A Pair of Portraits after Jean Baptiste Greuze

Brighton Bun

A Wonderful Diorama

Tramp Art Picture Frame

Large Portraits of Three Children

Big Portrait of a Big Man

In The Silent North

Portrait of a Rifle Brigade Officer

A Military Attack

Portrait of a Roan Coated Horse

Birthday Portrait

Nelson Leaving Portsmouth To Sail For Trafalgar On The "Victory"

Nelson. The Hero of Trafalgar

Barbizon Frame

Suite of Door Furniture

Norma by Alexander Christie

Georgian Harewood & Marquetry Tea Caddy

Folk Art Oxford Frame

Japanese Decorated Lacquer Frame

Regency Rosewood Writing Slope

Cut Glass Bottle Decanters

Jenner & Knewstub Posy Holder

Clyne Farquharson Glass Vase

French Ormolu Lampbase

Off Greenwich by J.M. Carrick

Boscobel Oak Snuff Box

17th Century Tobacco Box

Gilt-Bronze Gothic Revival Lampbase

French Lamps

Basket Box

Miniature Cabinet

Horn's Dairy

The Pelt of an Albatross

Philosophers of Ancient Greece

Woolwork Picture for the 9th Regiment of Foot

Glass Painting after Thomas Barker of Bath

Tethering Stone No.5

Whaler's Fid

'August' by Houston after Pyle

Fabulous Georgian Fender

Standard Winchester Bushel

Country House Herb Chopper

Sulphide Portrait Bust of Frederick, Duke of York

Cut & 'Repoussé' Card Basket of Flowers

Large Bronze Signal Cannon

Fish Tile by Mary Brace

Porcupine Quill Work Box

French Cigar Box

Eton College Constable

A Lady's Portrait

Country House Seasonings

Whaler's Dress Cane

Mariner's Carved Wood Cane

Convalescing Soldier's Tablecloth

Horn Cane with a Crook Handle

Horn Cane

Substantial Whaler's Cane

Whale's Tooth Cane

Tethering Stone No.4

Mauchlinware Snuffbox

Fine Vizagapatam Sewing Box

Russian Silver Coffee Pot

A Fine Military Campaign Chest of Drawers

Large Silver Mounted Match Striker

Glass Dome & Stand

Toy Drum For Kathleen

Scottish Toddy Ladle

Rare Writing Slope for 'Hannah'

Handford's Military Campaign Writing Slope

Country House Letter Box

Cowrie Shell Snuff Box

German Papier Mache Snuff Box

Tartanware card Case

Artist's Lay Figure

Dutch Brass Coffee Pot

Crimping Machine

19th Century Model Plough

Claude Lorraine Ferneley; A Young Member of the Hunt

'Forgotten' by Herbert Dicksee

An Officer of Royal Regiment of Hussars

Kufi Cap

Flags & Crowns Kufi Cap

Dobbs, Bailey & Co. Panorama of London

Agricultural Prize For 1936

Chinoiserie Penwork Chess Table

Christ Crucified

Push-Up Ejector Brass Candlesticks

Charming Family of Three

17th Century Pricket Candlesticks

Officer's Shabraque

Sir Francis Burdett Reverse painted mezzotints

Maternal Care by Herbert Dicksee

George II Seamed Brass Candlesticks.

The Salopian Provident Society

French Chatelaine

Indo-Portugese Madonna

Rococo Chatelaine

Georgian Flesh Fork


Bruiser's Walking Cane

Georgian Palmwood Walking Cane

Set of Four Italian Peasant Folk

Equestrian Theme Clock

Brass & Wrought Iron Kitchen Skimmer

Chemist's Cabinet

Pheasant Shooting; Glass Picture After Morland

China Trade After A European Artist

Archibald Thorburn. Young Blackbird (Female)

Archibald Thorburn. Coal Tit

Lignum Vitae Fid

A Fine Silver & Engine-Turned Georgian Snuffbox

Armorial Coach Panel

Sir Nathaniel Dance

Brass and Iron New York Andirons

Conch Shell Snuff Box

Silver Ship's Lamp Cigar Lighter

American Andirons

Pearlware Reticulated Chestnut Basket

New York Andirons

The Sailor Boy's Return from a Prosperous Voyage. A Shipwreck'd Sailor Boy telling his Story at a Cottage Door.

Tooth & Bone Whaler's Cane

Blue Bill Drake Decoy

Pendant Trammel Candleholder

An Eight Foot Turkish Beadwork Snake

Cut Paper Icon

A Fine Coach Table

Barquentine Navigator

A Bay in a Landscape by John Goode

Confectioner's Cabinet

Mother-o-Pearl Teacaddy

Northumberland Fusilier Clock Face

Exceptionally Small Davenport Desk

Fine Rosewood Cabinet on Stand

A Pair of American Decoy Ducks

Whalebone Pipe Tamper

Pipe Pricker

Gesso Mould

Western India Table

Painted Figural Candlesticks

George III Candlesticks

Pharaoh Candlesticks

A Child with Her Pet Cat

A Collection of Wedgwood Tri-Colour Plaques

Large Oil Painting of Child Feeding the Pigeons

Rare Pique-Work Whaler's Walking Cane

'I Love You.....' Snuff Box

The Falls of Niagara

Campaign Washstand

Narcissus & Echo; Ivory & Silver Snuff Box

Half-Block Model of The Spinning Jenny

Shagreen Cased Coin Scales

Country House Letter Box

Regency Writing Table

A Rare Fruitwood Diptych Sundial

A Pair of Mezzotints Comedy & Tragedy

Rose Villa (In a Box)

The Chaise Match After James Seymour

"In God We Trust"

Company School Mica Paintings

Near Rotherhithe by George Haan

Cavalry France 1916

Low Countries Hanging Cooking Pot

Georgian Campaign Bureau


'Queen Anne' Dressing Table Mirror

Alcohol Slide Rule

Irish Mirror

Armorial Snuff Box

Patent Needle Threader

Fire Tools & Rests

Spelling Parlour Game

Dutch Tobacco Box

Fine Georgian Fender

16th Century Bronze Pot Measure

Bow-Front Georgian Fender

Rushlight Holder

18th Century Portrait of a Child & His Pet Squirrel

Large Copper Kettle

Fine Turned Tambour Hook

Carved Ivory Tambour Hook

Reliquary Crucifix

Whaleman's Coconut Dipper

'Japan' Decorated Papier Mache Spectacles Case

Sailor's Whalebone Cane

Mariner's Whalebone Cane

Georgian Blue-Tinted Sunglasses

Boxwood Gesso Mould

Bone Lucet

18th Century Brass Candlesticks

Whaler's Walking Cane

Early 19th Century Armorial

Thomas Heath Sundial

Western Writing Implements

French Drawers

Early 16th Century Brass Dish

Pair of Chandeliers

Bijnor District Dignitaries Cane

A Romantic Poet

Woolwich Circa 1845

Whaler's Cane

Portrait of an Old Man

Louis XIV Style Frame

Ivory Boar's Head Walking Cane

Black Forest Carving of Alexander and Diogenes

A Mariner's painting of the Moel Tryvan

  “The Marriage Contract”

Pique & Pomander Walking Cane

Death Rather Than Disgrace

Piping Girl

Silver Sherry Label by Leslie Durbin

A Large Pair of 17th Century builder's Dividers

19th Century Fire Tools

The Silver Fish by Leo Klin

A Fine Still Life by Leo Klin

Carved & Gilded English Frame

Harry Hall Advertising Barometer

Peace With France. Britons Rejoice

The Fox Hunt

18th Century English Picture Frame

Coronation Invitation

Shepherd Neame's Bottled Beers

Sycamore Charger Stand

Oak Tray Stand

Invitation to the Great Exhibition Ball

Interior View of a Gentleman's Study

British Campaign Furniture

The Power of Love

Nelson Commemorative Creamware Jug

Mother of Pearl Snuff Box

Asprey Campaign or Pic-Nic Cutlery

Largest Gallery Glass

Plenty Attending Peace

China Trade Portrait of the City of Delhi

Marquis of Wellington

A Nativity Figure

Silver Medicinal Measuring Spoon

Clone of The Town Where I Was Born

Regency Gallery Glass

Child's Silver Medicine Spoon

Cut Glass & Gilt-Bronze Lamps

The Maid

Oriental Export Market Porcelain

Georgian Portraits

Wellington after Lucas

A Base of Rouge de France

Watercolour Portrait of a Young Girl

Fall-Front Writing Chest

Georgian Tradesmen

Miniature Secretaire Abattant

Archangel Norse ivory Heart-Shaped Box

Bagpipes & Shawm

An Old American Rocker

Biscuit Advert

Whaler's Cribbage Board

Best Quality Sharps

Wedgewood July Tile

Printer's Plates for Butler's Envelopes

Chinoiserie by Dawn Jacobson

Printer's Plates for Butler's Envelopes

Pictorial Dictionary of British Nineteenth Century Furniture Design (Hardcover) by Antique Collectors' Club

Folding Cribbage Board

Carved Wood Boss Brooch

The Ballad of Reading Gaol

Napoleonic Masonic Snuffbox

Napoleonic Prisoner of War Snuffbox

Stack of Export Trunks

Cartridge Bag

Peiwar Kotul Cross of Wood

Georgian Pierced Steel Fender

Sectional Horn Walking Stick

Pair of Regency Bronze Lamps by J. DeVille

Silver Capstan Time & Desk Piece

Mr. & Mrs.........A Pair of English School Portraits

Engraved and Gilt Box

Large Cutting Board

Benzie's Yachting Brooch

Tunbridgeware Box from Wises Manufactory

Long Case Watch Case

Portrait by Leon Sprinck

Whalebone Spelling Alphabet

Cut Steel Sewing Clamp

Gold in Quartz Pendant

Mauchlinware Tie-Pin

Harlequin Hand-Mirror

'Marie' by Stobwasser

Waldorf-Astor's Bridge Score Cards

Alpheus and Arethusa

Balance Beam Hanging Scales

English Cast Brass Skimmer

Jupiter and Antiope (with Eros)

Mahogany Plate Stand

Parthenon Book Carrier

Model Plough

Cast Brass Skimmer

Omar Ramsden Goblet

Broaching Fork

Ramsley's Parallel Rolling Ruler

'Leather' Writing Box

Hearts and Tea

Harewood & Flowers Tea Caddy

Large Georgian Box

Boxed Architects Drawing Instruments

Portrait of a Young Lady

Charles Greville Morris

A Pair of Larder Scenes

Les Table du Destin

The Letter 'R'

Henry Herbert, 10th Earl of Pembroke

The Letter 'Q'

A Fine Pair of Portraits

The Duke of Wellington's Favourite Mount, Copenhagen.

Petal-Based Georgian Candlesticks

Sir William Sidney Smith K.S.

Reverse Painted Glass picture with Mirror

Double Cigar Case

Scottish Silver Container

James Shoolbred & Co Crop Rack

Fine Adams Period Candlesticks

Good Dog Calling Card Holder

Huge Victorian Lignum Vitae Fid

Massive Lignum Vitae Fid

The Days Bag

Leather Case belonging to W.H.Roberts Esq. Queen's Own W.K.Y.C.

Tormented by Demons

Large & Lovely Set Square

Grande Tongs

Happy Dog Walking Stick

Giant Screwdriver

Finest Building Blocks

Whyllie's Greenwich

Ram's Horn Snuff Mull with Rabbit's Foot & Tools

Conjoined Shoes Snuff Box

A Watercolour Diorama Work of Art

Ship's Chamberstick

Georgian Mounted Tortoise Carapace

Cutter Diorama

An Educated Young Man

Riches Patent Tobacco Box

Horn Cane

Sir Walter Raleigh

Paper Lined Chinese Trunk

A Fine Regency Writing Box

William Moore's Travelling Trunk

French Lantern Stick

Napoleon Inkstand

Steel & Brass Level

Fazackerly Palette Tile: Liverpool circa 1750

Irish Mirror

17th Century Spanish Candlestick

A Souvenir of Herrendgrund

Art Nouveau Tile

Saint George Tile

Latin Candlestick


Tinsmith's Tools

Asian Grain Measure

Spanish Candlestick

Draughtsman's Square

A Goan Ivory Carving of The Good Shepherd

French Lantern Candlestick

Prince of Wales Candlesticks

Heraldic Light Frame

Harrow School Photograph

Lustre Ware Collection

Small Turtle Carapace

Handy Pocket Knife

Chemist's Cabinet

Dentist's Pen & Pencil

Early 18th Century French Silver Bodkin Case

The Aspiring Lancer


Excepetional Regency Silkwork

Crested Windows

Teak Planter

Matching Chinese Export Trunks

18th Century Shoe Horn

Chinese-Export Camphorwood & Leather Travelling Trunk

Chinese-Export Travelling Trunk

Love & Hope: Love & Jealousy

Canterbury Music Stand

Revolving Desk Chair

Chinese Export Writing Box

F.H. Ayres Diabolo

Vienna Bronze Long Tailed Chicken

Vienna Bronze Long Tailed Chicken

Country House Letters Box

Gothic Revival Book Carrier

Plaster Casts after John Henning

Nelson Duke of Bronte

Country House Posting Box

John Hunter

Portrait of a Lady

Painted Book Barrow

Victorian Schoolboy

Pair of Ebonized Frames

Baculum Broach

Map Powder Horn


Taj Mahal

Orientalist Lamps

Colonial Walking Stick

River Launch Wheel

Nickel Spectacles

Robert Street Two Pint Skillet

Nelson & Foudroyant Walking Stick

Portrait of a Fine Young Man

Georgian Spit Jack

Sectional Horn Cane

Copper-Alloy Pricket Candlesticks

Folk Art Scratchwork Cane

Lady's Head Cane

Table Post Box

Piqué-Work Cane

Dutch Sewing Basket

Euro Millions!

A Lady's Maid

A Handsome Portrait by Ludwig Guttenbrunn

Horse & Jockey by Joseph Maiden

An Unusual and Interesting Candlestick

silver leash link

Penny-in-the-Slot Tobacco Dispenser

George II Brass Candlesticks

Pair of Tavern Candlesticks

British Army Lancer & Bandsman

Nickel Candlesticks

High Stepping Girls

Three French Curtain Tie-Backs

A Pair of Curtain Tie-Backs

Dental Hygiene Tools

Mr. & Mrs Ridding by James Sharples

Cast Glass Gem With a Profile of Voltaire

Intaglio: Cupid Holding a Buttefly

John Locke by Tassie

A Collection of Hearth Tools

A.L.C. Inglefield

Lignum Vitae Fid

Barque of the Royal Thames Yacht Club

S.S. Lightning

Longcase Watch Hutch

Cut Glass Tea Caddy or Sugar Box

Tobacco Box

Lord Kitchener

Friends in the Stable

Tortoiseshell & Gold Snuffbox

Cut Glass Tea Caddy or Sugar Box

E.A. Inglefield

Mennecy Bonbonnier

Napoloeonic Prisoner of War Snuffbox

Jack Tar's Hat

Silver Tobacco Box

Georgian Level

Ecclesiastical Candlestick

A Good Early Artist' Lay Figure

Whiskey Wagon

H.M.S. Vestal

The Sportsman

Child's Wheelbarrow

Two Fine Plate-Stands

Writing Box on Stand

Oak Plate-Stand

Alexander the First, Emperor of all the Russias

Carved Wood Frame

The Xmas Academics

George II Square Based Brass Candlesticks

The Prince of Saxe Cobourg

Campaign Writing Box

Rococo Wall Lights

Eighteenth Century Shallow Brass Ladle

Dutch Kettle Bucket

Octagonally Based Brass Candlesticks

Eighteenth Century Shallow Ladle

Louis XVI Three Branch Candlebra

E.V.Kenealy's Portable Desk

Child's Chair

Indo-Portuguese Travelling Box

Campaign Moustache Cup

Child's Chair

Deck Chair

Sugar Loaf Cutters

17th Century Mortar

Neo-Classical Book Carrier

A Boatswain's Cosh

Waistcoat Snuffbox

Nickel Fork

Crusie Lamp

Friesland Mangling Board Initialled and Dated 1705.

Waiting Room

Regency Brass Fender

The Old Summer Palace

18th Century Side-Eject Candlesticks

An Elegant Couple by Sadler & Green

Georgian Fender

Jewellery Casket alla Certosina


Howell & James Sewing Box

Rectangular Protractor

Coffee Pot-Pepper Pot

Unusual Candlestick

Birmingham Ring Gauge

The Mariners New Kalendar

Christy Hat Measure

Silver Travelling Lamp

Regency Bronze Lampbase

Lady Rushout & Daughter

Garden Gate Photograph Frame

"Paolo & Francesca"

Indian Rice Measure

Indian Grain Measure

An Indian Measure

Indian Food Measure

A Hedgerow Harvest

A pair of paintings of The Brigantine Eugenie

Cappriccios by Thomas Compigne

A pair of paintings of the Consul Kaestner

Billy Boy Sloop Accommodation

Prize Fighting Cock

False Tree-Trunk Planters

Fashionable Young Lady

Flowers & Butterflies

Kitchen Dredger

Single French Candlestick

Lord Anglesea in Plasnewydd

A Georgian Silk-Work Bouquet

Pont Neuf

The Four Times of the Day

Wooden Printing Block


Substantial Neoclassical Candlesticks

Portuguese Candlestick

A Set of Four Curtain Tie-Backs

George Grove Candlesticks

French Ivory Box

Cassetta Frame


American Andirons

Storm on a Sperm Whale's Tooth

'Coral' Photo Frame

Bellarmine or Bartmannkrug

Gothic Brass Dish

Prince of Wales triple Photograph Frame

Georgian Toasting Fork

Adam's Style Candlesticks

French Candlestick C.1700

An Unusual Candlestick

Three Neoclassical Candlesticks

Spanish Candlestick

Rare 18th Century Candlesticks

Portrait of an Officer

Military Academy Candlestick

Les Capitales De L'Europe

George II Scallop Base Candlestick

Scallop Base Candlestick

Single Huguenot Brass Candlestick

Single Petal Base Candlestick

H.M.S Bulldog  

Painted Model Palanquin

Onyx & Hardstone Strut Clock


Horse in a Landscape

Tailor's Receipt

The Royal Scots Military woolwork.

Silver Hip Flask

A Big Dog

Neoclassical Square Column Candlesticks

Staircase Finials

George II Petal-Based Candlesticks

Stork & Crown Candlesticks

18th Century Brass Candlesticks

Souvenirs of India in a finely made cedarwood box

Persian Pen Case

Caucasian Dagger Kinjal Kama

Rococo Revival Corkscrew

English Carved & Gilded Frame

Shell-Based Brass Candlesticks

Hogscraper Candlesticks

Richard Griffin, 2nd Baron Braybrooke

Shropshyre Described The Sittuation Of Shrowesbury Shewed ...

Herfordshire by John Speed

French Pique Box

The Press Gang......

An Early Spanish Candlestick

George II Petal-Based Candlesticks

Dinghy Crib

Substantial Dividers

Gripsholm Castle

Cicero Centred Alms Dish

Officer of the Royal Artillery

Captain Wilson

A Tribute to the Memory of Horatio Nelson

Admiral Lord Nelson of the Nile.

Ilex, Winner of the Grand National in 1890

Victorian Doorstop

Elkington Bronze Bust

Game & Seafood Still-Lifes

Interiors by Crace

Hare & Pheasant Still-life

'Marlborough Theatricals'

Animal Affection & Innocent Recreation

The Larder by Benjamin Blake

Rosewood Writing Box

Silver Inkwell

A Brass Kitchen Caster

A German Hunter's Horn

Lignum Vitae Wool bowl

Square Based Neo-Classical Candlesticks

Two Ships Passing a Fortification

Mrs. Mecklenburgh's Trunk

Northern European 'Alms' Dish

Elkington Hotel Plate

A Young Lady's Portrait

Long Dog Tiller Arm

Emma Hamilton

Malacca & Piqué-Work Cane

A Gentleman's Cane

The Four Seasons after Tenniers

A Cat in the Game Larder

Georgian Decagonal Tea Caddy

Shop-Window Ruler

Rosewood Level

Sunday Best Out Riding

Unusual Bell Metal Candlesticks

A Pair of Herrengrund Cups

North River Steamboat Snuffbox

Nelson after Mr. Bowyer

Stilton Scoop

Campaign Cutlery Set

George Perkin's Level

The Farm House on Fire

Franz Bergman Fox

Petal-Based Candlesticks

Neoclassical Candlesticks

Massive Mortar Clock

Sculptor's Calipers

Parcel Scale

Rare Form of Petal Based Candlesticks

Scallop Based Brass Candlesticks

Six-Flute Candlesicks

Herrengrund Cup with the Legend

Egyptian Revival Clock Set

Royal Highnesses at the Opera House

House in a Box

A Spanish Gentleman

Nelson, Trollope, Faulknor & Hood

Satin Birch Side Table

Masonic Treasury Box

Frances Stuart, Countess of Portland.

Commedia Dell~Arte after John Cheere

S.S. City of Rome

Mahogany Wall Cabinet

Repousse Tobacco Box

Woman's Valuable (Tolúk)

Spaniel in a Landscape

Dutch Farrier's Tobacco Box

A Neapolitan Creche Figure

Book-Form Lap-Desk

Specimen Woods Sewing Box

Military Campaign Easel

Wrought Iron Cross

Pair of Stoneware Garden Urns

Georgian Brass Candlesticks

Cut Glass Corinthian Column Lamp

Builder's Level

Charles Phillips Esq. Barrister

Buffalo Horn Palanquin

A George III Harewood Tea Caddy

Large Dutch Tobacco Box

Rustic Photo Frame

A Pair of Ship's Helm Desk Pieces

Buddhist Blotter

Invitation to Mansion House

Dray Horses by Zobel

A Country House Garrison

Rembrandt's Mill

Holbein's Wife

Suffolk by John Speed

Iron Pot-Hook


La Nouvelle Yorck

Sewing Box with View of The Louvre

Berlin Iron Watchstand

The Bakehouse Close Edinburgh

The Farmers Visit

Puppet Toys

A Model of Christ's Crucifixion Cross

A George III Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy

17th Century Beam Balance

The Letter 'Y'

The Woodman by Bartolozzi

Still Life by J. H. S. Mann

Engraving by Riollet after Teniers

Naive Portrait

An Elegant Young Woman

Winfield Rocking Chair

George II Petal-Based Candlesticks

Brills Baths Brighton

Silkwork Picture of Flowers

The Deliverence of St. Peter

A Girl Sketching a Portrait on the Ground

Stable Talk

Queen Anne Pique Snuff Box

A Pair of Georgian Silkwork Pictures

Louis XIV fan leaf,

Naive Portrait of a Man

Curling Stone Presentation Box

Corn Stook

A Polar Night

Benjamin West & Family

Winter Skater

A Great Find & The Spoilt Supper

Hand Screw Clamp

Downhearth Skillet

The King's Horse Florizel II

Tunbridge Ware Book Slide

Victorian Cast Iron Stick stand

Top-Sail Schooner Camellia

Coaching Clock and Barometer

Carriage Horse Clock

Blackwood Table

Gothic Revival Sculpture Stand No.1

Elk Horn Lap Desk

Italian Frame

Nuremburg Brass Alms Dish

An Exceptional Tea Caddy


A Young Widow in Mourning Dress

Pembroke Table

Minton King of Clubs

"Coming In"

'Scottish' Character Candlesticks

Tooth-Pick Box

London & Croydon Railway

Sighting Level

A Pair of Doorstops

Old Harry

Oak & Brass Humidor

Three Cape Chairs

A Troupe of Elephants

Regency Lap-Desk

William IV Whatnot

Three Tier Whatnot

A Fine Four Tier with Drawer Goncalo Alves Whatnot


A Schooner Off of Dover

River Launch Wheel

The Armorials of...

Tupped Sheep & A Donkey by Zobel

Diorama: Barque Storm King

A Victorian Level

A British Officer.

Portrait of Cedric Hardwicke in the role of King Magnus

Irish Zogroscope

Gunpowder Storage Flask

Boxwood Foot Measure

Warming Pan Lid Lights

Portrait of a Ship Owner

Table Croquet

Rosewood Stool

The Soldiers Return

A Chest of Many Drawers

Sample Fireplace Inset

Tea Clipper "North"

Strong Box

Engraved Neoclassical Candlesticks

Three Children

Teak & Brass Box


The Evelyn Wood

The Denbighshire

Model Carronade Carriage.

Sample Door

Grained Trunk

Gabriel the Archangel

A Fine Pair of Telescopic Scottish Candlesticks

Reformed Gothic Candlesticks

Campaign Travelling Candlesticks

Miss Greenway

Cut Glass Lamp

Naval Officer

Vizagapatam Box


Charles X Frame

Maritime Diorama

Four Tiered Whatnot

A Georgian Silkwork Picture

The Lord Shaftsbury

Mappin & Son Salmon Carver

Marquis of Granby

Dutch Glass Tea Caddy

Herrengrund Cup with a Verse

Newman's Artists Easel

Anglo-Chinese Campaign Desk

Pin Pricked Beggar

Unusual Bell Metal Candlesticks