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Half-Hull Model of a Filey Coble by F. Chapman

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The North Yorkshire coastal town of Filey has supported a fishing industry since around 1200, reaching its peak in the mid Victorian years. At its peak the industry employed over 400 men working from various vessels including a coble, the subject of our cased model. The fishermen fished from herring cobles, winter inshore cobles, salmon cobles and larger vessels such as yawls and smacks. The essential design is said to be based on a Viking longship and has been in continuous service for over 1000 years. Flat bottomed, high bowed and double keeled, cobles were first made of oak and then of larch.

The local fleet was built by the families Cambridge, Cappleman and, as is this case here with our little half hull model, Chapman.

Presented in a case that is back-painted with the local coastline and a scattering of yawls and smacks is our half hull model of the Chapman built ‘FRIENDSHIP’, his signed glass taped to the reverse of the case.

28.5 in x 12.5 in x 4 in 



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