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Grand Tour Roman Bronze Sculptures; Mastiffs Attacking Stags

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A pair of Roman bronze statuettes of mastiffs attacking stags, after the antique.


The stag with the right foreleg raised was created from ancient fragments circa 1780 by Francesco Antonio Franzoni (1734-1818), and is now in the Sala degli Animali, Museo Pio-Clementino, Vatican.


As Roman sculptures, it is possible that these were originally representative of Actaeon being attacked by his hounds.


Fine, lightweight castings with excellent after-work and a lustrous green/brown patina.


Standing on plinth bases of Gaillo Antico, one of the most favoured marbles of the Roman Empire. Its quarry is located at Chemtou in Tunisia, ancient Numidia, hence its Latin name marmor numidicum.


Italian circa 1820.


h:9.5 inches; the bases 6.75 in x 3 in



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