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Zobel Sand Picture of Dray Horses

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Artist: Zobel

An early 19th century sand picture attributed to Benjamin Zobel depicting a team of dray horses with a wagon about to leave a store or stable block.

Within a period oak wedge-form frame. English circa 1815.

o.s:19.75 in x 15.75 in 

Benjamin Zobel was born into a family of Bavarian confectioners moving to London when in his early 20's where he was employed by Ecchard Brothers of Chelsea  designing wallpapers, linens and silks. Three years later Benjamin Zobel was back in the food game working for the chef Louis Weltje, who worked for the Prince Regent. Zobel was employed as `table decker' at Windsor Castle, decorating the banquet tables with coloured sands and marble dust. In an effort to preserve his 'paintings' Zobel invented a method of gluing and building up his dust and sand designs; his compositions often taken from the paintings of his dear friend, George Morland. 



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