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Wrought Iron Ember Tongs

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18th century wrought iron ember tongs with two openings, perhaps for different sized ember coals, typical blacksmiths decoration along each arm, one grip terminal unscrews to offer a pipe pricker, to assisit in cleaning the compacted old tobacco from the pipe's bowl.

Although this is a later replacement it is interesting that this sophistication was offered early in the eighteenth century.

Reading Alastair Leslie's 300 Years of Tobacco Stoppers and it seems that the combination of tools for smokers went back to the seventeeth century and endured throughout the eighteenth, usually the pricker was held within the stem of the stopper.

There is an interesting stamped mark to one grip that appears to b a crown over two initials. These tongs may be in fact be continental; they certainly date to the first half of the eighteenth century.

20 inches long.


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