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Windsor Castle & Eton, Etchings by Paul Sandby

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It was due to the development of the aquatint process in etching that Paul Sandby returned to printmaking at the beginning of the 1770's. At this same time, Sandby and his family, together with his brother, returned to England from Scotland to live in Windsor. It was during this time that he made many studies of Windsor Castle and, amongst others, these aquatint engravings.

His enthusiasm was such that for a considerable period he produced nothing but etchings. Writing to his friend John Clerk in September 1775, '........ these 4 month past I have scarcely done anything else, the work is so delightful and easy to me now in the execution I do it with the same ease but with more pleasure than on paper'.

Printed in brown ink ‘January 1st 1776 by Paul Sandby, framed within faithful modern copies of eighteenth century ebonized print frames with gilt sight. 

Overall dimensions: 21.5 in x 15.75 in 

‘Eton College, from Crown Corner’ and pendant image ‘Windsor from Eton’. 

Pl. 1. ‘…….These Views of the Royal Castle of Windsor’.

Pl.2. ‘Windsor Terrace Looking Eastward’.

Pl. 3. ‘Windsor Terrace Looking Westward’.

Pl. 4. ‘Windsor Castle from the Lower Court, on the 5th of Nov,r’


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