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William Seabrook's Brass Snuff Box

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A good looking brass snuff box, English and dating from around 1800, formerly the property of one William Seabrook.


The deceptively simple design conceals the considerable skill needed to make this box. Looking inside the box a brazing line can be determined joining the upper to the lower parts but before this is achieved a ribbon of brass has been shaped and fixed to form a lip for the lid to close onto which will help to keep the tobacco fresh and within the box. The hinge is fitted beneath this upper edge so as to be invisible. The box, opened by squeezing the sides together, can only open a small way, just enough to take a moderate pinch of snuff.


The engraving is finely done and assuming the image is of a mortar it is likely to be of a wooden sort, used to grind tobacco for making snuff, perhaps drawn here simply to indicate the contents of the tin.


3 1/8 in x 2 7/8 in 



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£ 475

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