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Whaler's Pastry Cutter

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Pie crimpers and jagging wheels were part of the whaler's repertoire when it came to their scrimshaw. Some were elaborate like the canes they made; carved, pierced and inlaid with abalone or baleen, the handles could be fashioned into serpents and monsters. Many, like this example, were plainer and destined for use in the homestead kitchen, yet still made with a meticulous attention to detail.

The whale’s tooth has been cut to a uniform thickness of ½ inch and then fashioned into an ergonomically sound handle terminating in a single Vitruvian wave. The bands of various tones revealed during polishing have been turned to decorative advantage, none more so that the cutting wheel itself which has been made from a piece towards the tip of the tooth, the outer, darker ring has been uniformly and neatly made to run the circumference of the wheel.

English or American circa 1850.

5.5 inches long.



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