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A Watercolour Diorama Work of Art

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An extraordinary watercolour work of art. A watercolour scene painted on paper, the windmill, cattle and strolling couple are again painted in watercolour, cut-out, and applied to this background scene. In front of this is a sheet of glass onto which is painted some shrubbery. To this is applied cut and pasted trees, flowers and the house with a couple in conversation to the right of the scene. In front of this is a second sheet of glass, applied with a cut and painted paper foreground depicting a couple with their dog, open gates and finely cut trees and plants. Each sheet has cut paper birds in flight. This diorama within a gilt-gesso Morland frame, all circa 1800.


17.5 in x 14.5 in x 3.5 in


Item Code: 3223

£ 3450

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