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Walking Cane With Ivory & Piqué-Work Handle

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An English malacca walking cane with a tall ivory handle profusely decorated with piqué-work, the principle design being opposing and interlocking 'C' scrolls; the lower section of this handle pierced for a lanyard.

English circa 1700. 

38 inches long

Some of these canes, dating from around 1700, are precisely dated within the piqué-work and are clearly produced over a short period of time. The earliest so far recorded is dated 1687; the latest 1717. This fact, in conjunction with so many similarities in style and method of making, suggest that all may have been made in one workshop and by few craftsmen. It is further likely that this workshop was of Huguenot origin as the technique of pique-work is thought to have come to England with the Protestants fleeing France following the Edict of Nantes in 1665.  



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