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Three Theatrical Tiles by Packard & Ord

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Artist: Rosalind Ord

Three hand painted theatrical theme tiles, all initialled 'OR', for Rosalind Ord and painted on Pilkington blanks. 

These tiles date from the 1930s-1940's when two schoolteachers, Sylvia Packard and Rosalind Ord, found that their mutual interest in painting ceramic tiles could earn them a living. In 1936 the Packard and Ord partnership began production in Barnfield, Marlborough, specialising in commissions and giftware. Before P&O was established at Marlborough and had their own kiln, Packard & Ord's tiles were fired at Poole, and, as in this case, the partnership often used blanks from other more industrial kilns.

Queen Mary and Fortnum and Mason were regular customers, and examples are to be found in the V&A, private collections and, of course, on walls across the world. 

6 in x 6 in 


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