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Surgeon's Instruments Case by Charrière

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A fine brass bound mahogany case for scientific or surgical instruments, now void.


The campaign-style flush fitted handle to the lid engraved between the lift-up handle 'Dr. Arrachart'; the lock plate engraved with the name of the instrument maker, Charrière a Paris.


French circa 1850.


16.25 in x 5.5 in x 3.25 in 


Joseph Frédéric Benoît Charrière, was a Swiss born Parisian maker of surgical instruments working from the middle of the 19th century. He began his company in 1820 and by 1840 he was employing some 400 people. His most significant development was that of a uniform, standardized gauge specifically for use in medical equipment. The adoption of his measuring unit for tubes such as catheters was so successful and widespread this unit was rapidly referred to as a Charrière (1mm outer circumference). Due to the difficulty that English speaking countries had in pronouncing his name this unit became known as a 'French'. 


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