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Sulphide Portrait Bust of Frederick, Duke of York

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A fine and large sulphide  portrait bust of Frederick, Duke of York and Albany (1763-1827) within the original frame.

In 1819 Apsley Pellatt Junior (1791-1863) took out a patent (No 4424) for crystallo - ceramie or glass incrustation following his learning  from a 'foreigner' how encase articles in glass for the purposes of decoration. Decanters with cameos on the side and in the stoppers, scent bottles, 'tea–caddy' sugar basins, lids of trinket boxes and snuff boxes, lustres for lamps and paper weights are sometimes met with. Other works of art extraordinarily decorated with objects encased in glass are mentioned in Apsley Pellatt's book - The Origin , Progress, and Improvement of Glass Manufacture (1821) but perhaps never seen.

6.75 in x 8 in


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£ 1450

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