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Sir Francis Burdett Reverse painted mezzotints

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Reverse painted mezzotints laid down onto glass depicting the arrest of Sir Francis Burdett in 1810 and his popularity as an idol of the people. Published by W.B. Walker, Fox & Knot Court, Cow Lane, London, 1810. Within original ebonized 'Hogarth' type moulding frames.

Sir Francis Burdett was a parliamentarian from the very beginnings of the 19th century; a prominent opponent of William Pitt the Younger and an advocate of popular rights.

In 1810, in support of John Gale Jones the radical, Burdett had published a speech made previously to the House of Commons. This was voted a breach of privilege and under escort of soldiers he was arrested and taken to The Tower of London. Released when parliament was in recess, he caused his supporters much disappointment by returning to Westminster by water, and so avoiding a demonstration in his honour.

15.75 in x 11.5 in 



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