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Saint Paul's Cathedral & Blackfriars Bridge

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A painted mahogany panel with the heraldic achievement of the City of London centred by a view of the Lord Mayor's procession departing the City of London; Blackfriars Bridge and Saint Paul's Cathedral behind.

The origin of this event goes back to 1215 when King John allowed The City of London to elect its own mayor, the principle condition to this concession being that the elected mayor travel annually to Westminster and swear loyalty to the Crown. Back in the day when even the City of London's roads were nothing more than muddy, rut-ridden lanes, the Thames offered the most practical route between The City and Westminster. London's Mayors would therefore make the annual procession in a convoy of boats known as a flotilla. Although the parade has now switched to tarmac, the elaborately-decorated vehicles are still referred to as floats, a term adopted by processions across the world.

This panel is similar to the decorated stern boards of regatta barges or coach panels dating from the same early to mid 19th century period and is likely to be the decorated part of a panel from one of the barges from this annual event.

The mahogany panel is stamped Roberson & Miller, 51 Long Acre and bears the trade label for this same artist's supplier. The partnership began in 1828 and ceased in 1839 after which date the firm traded as Charles Roberson & Co.

This work therefore dates from around 1835. It is now within a fine and beautifully grained maple veneered frame of a similar date.

23 in x 24 in 



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