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RSPCA Merit Badges

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This year is the bicentenary of the RSPCA. On 16 June 1824, MPs William Wilberforce and Richard Martin met at Old Slaughters Coffee House with London vicar, Arthur Broome, and 22 founding members of the SPCA.

In 1835 Princess Victoria became the society’s patron and as Queen granted it Royal Status in 1840. Launched as a society to prevent cruelty to animals, the SPCA became the first national animal protection society in the world.

Two R.S.P.C.A merit badges awarded at the London cart horse parade in 1932 and 1933 together with the same for the London Van Horse Parade of 1929. All retaining their original brass-buckled leather straps. 

The brasses 2 7/8 inches wide 



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