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Rare Pique-Work Whaler's Walking Cane

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A rare and finely executed whaler's walking cane, the top two sections made from the tooth of a sperm whale and separated by a band of baleen.

The top inlaid with a five-point star of mother-o-pearl closely surrounded by a ring of brass pique work, the octagonal facets beneath alternatively decorated with a Christian cross.

The lower tooth section pierced with a hole for a lanyard set within a pique work diamond and with conjoined crosses to the alternative faces.

These two tooth sections are joined to the lower shaft of whalebone by a cut screw-thread.

The single piece of whalebone from which the shaft is produced has the first quarter carved as slightly swelling octagonal sections separated by plain bands, the faces with alternating designs of single and conjoined crosses; the upper-most section decorated with inlaid pieces of tortoiseshell, again to the alternate faces.


Perhaps continental.


Made circa 1860.


34.5 inches long


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£ 2700

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