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Racehorse by George Paice

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Artist: George Paice

A portrait of the racehorse Kings Fuzzell, painted in oil on canvas, signed and dated 1908 by the artist by George Paice and within a blackened oak frame of the period. English circa 1908.

Canvas size: 18 in x 14 in 

Overall size: 14.75 in x 20.75 in 

George Paice 1854-1925. 

Moved from London to Croydon shortly after marrying Eunice Mary Stuart in 1879. He is seen as a competent and prolific artist who depicted horses accurately. He painted a number of large and fine point to point scenes, one of which he painted for the officers of the Royal Scots Grays. Lady Margaret Cecil was also amongst his patrons. He had a considerable personal interest in racing and at his funeral his own colours were carried on his coffin.


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