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Procession of Boats Boater

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As King George III was Eton's greatest patron his birthday is celebrated every year with the Procession of Boats, formerly held on the 'Fourth of June' but now on the Wednesday before the first weekend of June.

The top rowing crews from the top four years row past spectators on the riverbank wearing traditional costume including boaters such as this, which is emblazoned with the name 'Britannia'. It is sad to learn that this boater, worn on one of these occasions, was owned by Lennox Cleland Lee Lee who died in action in France on 1st February 1915. He was just 21 years old; a Second Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards. The Son of Lennox Bertram Lee, of How Caple Court, Ross, Herefordshire, he was educated at Eton College and the Royal Military Academy Woolwich. More of this young man's story is to be found by following this link.



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