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Portrait & Story of 'Old Hambeat'

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Artist: E.W Mackey

A portrait of 'Old Hambeat', painted in oil on artists board by E.W Mackey; truly evocative of the man and the period. Within a period gilt gesso frame. 

o.s:16.5 in x 19.5 in

A handwritten label to the reverse retells the story of 'Old Hambeat', a well known character of Erdington (near Birmingham), painted by Edward Walter Mackey in 1866, the subject then being in his 88th year. The old man enjoyed a local reputation as having once 'Sir'd the King'. In early life he had ventured up to London with the determination of seeing King George III. Our man and his companion gained access to a garden where they anticipated the possibilty of meeting the King. An old man approached them and 'enquired their business'. "To see the King, Sir" they replied, "I am the King" replied the man. 'Thereupon the intruders fell upon their knees, with the conviction that they had committed High Treason at least; but His Majesty dismissed the supplicants with a five pound note, as a......' 

'Father' Edward Walter Mackey 1806-1871. Born at Witham in Essex he entered Oscott College 1822-1825 as a church student but left before taking holy orders. He was a recognised portrait painter and was also appointed drawing master of Oscott College. A friend of A.W.N Pugin, he painted many prominent Catholics. He died at Erdington in 1871. His work is represented at the National Portrait Gallery, London. 


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