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Portrait of a Roan Coated Horse

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A portrait of a roan coated horse in a landscape, a homestead in the distance before a valley.


Painted in oil on canvas and within a fine gilt gesso frame.


Unsigned but firmly attributed to James Clark Sen. (op.1821-1900)English circa 1860. 


This artist was one of the Clark family, presumably the first of the horse painters of which there were several, his full name being Albert James Clark. When signing in full he will sometimes add his address beneath the signature being 67 Riverside Road, Highbury London. He is considered one of the most artistic of the Clark family, strongly influenced by J.F. Herring sen. There were at least five Clarks painting horses and sometimes other animals from the middle of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th. They were all called variously James and or Albert and signed using some or all of the family names! They painted in the same styles being influenced firstly by J.F.Herring and then by each other. Their signatures are similar. This a good example of James Clark Senior's work, finely executed in his naive style. 


w:36.5 in x h:31.25 in (29.5 in x 24 in)


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£ 3450

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