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Poets and Philosophers of England

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Four 18th century mezzotints produced by John Simon (1675-1751) towards the end of his life. Each plate presents a portrait of four writers, each identified on a banner beneath.

1). 'Geffrey Chaucer, Edmund Spencer, William Shakespeare, Benjamin Johnson'. 

2). Mr. John Dryden, Sr. Samuel Garth, Sr. John Vanbrugh, Sr. Richard Steele'.

3). 'Mr. Francis Beaumont, Mr. John Fletcher, Mr. John Milton, Mr. Abraham Cowley'.

4). 'The Rt Hon Joseph Addison Esq. Mathew Prior, Mr. Alexander Pope, Mr. William Congreve'.

All within fine copies of period print frames.

o.s:13 inches x 17 inches

John Simon was born in France and trained in Paris as an engraver before moving to London. Here he began working as a mezzotint engraver. At around this same time he obtained several commissions from Sir Godfrey Kneller who was in dispute with his principle engraver, John Smith. This period of work from Kneller acted as a catalyst in establishing Simon’s reputation. He was a prolific engraver noted for his portraits, many of course after those painted by Kneller but also Dahl, Gibson, Murray, Mercier and Seeman. His subjects are seen as covering all facets of the society’s spectrum as is indicated in the present set.  



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