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Top-Sail Schooner Camellia

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Artist: John Fannen 1857-1904

A portrait of the topsail schooner CAMELLIA off Flamborough Head, painted in oil on canvas by John Fannen and within a period bird's eye maple veneered frame of wedge form.

Signed and dated J. Fannen 1883.

Camellia was built by the Tyne Ship Building Co. Ltd., Newcastle in 1878. She was 258 feet long with a 32 foot beam and her hold 21.2 feet deep. Owned by J. Robinson & Sons and registered at North Shields.

John Fannen 1857-1904. A Sunderland artist, sometime policeman, painted all types of sailing vessels but most often small sailing coasters employed in the coal trade. Roger Finch states that Fannen had a considerable output and was a 'true pierhead painter'. His works are to be found in several museums around the country, most particularly Sunderland, Canterbury and the National Maritime Museum.


w.39.5 in x h.27.5 in (33.5 in x 21.5 i)

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