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Miss Greenway

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Artist: C. Corbutt after Sir Joshua Reynolds

Miss Greenway. Mezzotint on laid paper, (unframed), engraved by C. Corbutt after the work by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Trimmed to the plate mark on three sides and to within at the title.

Elizabeth Napier (née Greenway) was the wife of Francis Napier. C. Corbutt was was an alias adopted by Richard Purcell, a pupil of John Brooks. Purcell followed Brooks from London to Dublin around 1755. The need to hide his true identity was due to pecuniary embarrassments resulting from his extravagant habits and dissipated lifestyle. English circa 1765.

10 1/8 in x 13 3/4 in

Item Code: 1596

£ 78

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