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Tea Clipper "North"

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Artist: Lai Fong

The ship "North" painted here by the Chinese artist, Lai Fong, who had established himself by this time in Calcutta, was owned and run by Tyser & Haviside.

Named after Lord North, she was built in 1868 and joined an operating fleet of seven other ships. When George Dorman Tyser first formed the company they chartered vessels for the India trade but it wasn't long before they went into ship owning and expanded their operations to include New Zealand and Australia. By 1873 the company was known as G.D.Tyser & Co.

Lai Fong, born 1869, was a Chinese artist working in the final quarter of the nineteenth century, primarily from his studio in the Indian port of Calcutta. He was strongly influenced by an earlier generation of Chinese ships' portrait artists, including Lee Heng (flourished 1850-1870), Hing Qua (flourished 1850-1880), and Lai Sung (flourished 1850-1885). Lai Fong was known especially for portraying the big windjammers which called at Calcutta, either voyaging to or from the Far East.

Lai Fong's works are represented in the collections of the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool, India House in New York, the Mariners Museum of Newport News, Virginia, and the Maritime Museum of Troense, Denmark.

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