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Paktong or Nickel Alloy Snuffbox

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An interesting little snuffbox engraved ‘Ch. Jones friendship with-out interest and love without deceit’.

Made the same as the familiar steel snuffboxes of this form, the material dependant upon the date of making. These boxes most often date from the second half of the 18th century, in which case this is paktong. However, those steel boxes were made into the 19th century, albeit much larger by then, and if this dates from the early 19th century then it is made of nickel.

The verse is perhaps the best indicator of age and this feels very much like a verse that you might find on a piece of creamware or prattware from around 1800. Indefinitive! Note: there are several small patches in the base of this box

English, perhaps Welsh, circa 1800.

2 in x 1 ¾ in x 5/8 in 


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£ 495

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