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Pair of Watts Frames

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A Fine Pair of 'Watts' Cassetta Frames, gilded oak and composition on pine, made by Chapman Brothers, Kings Road, Chelsea, circa 1880.


Upon winning £300 for his entry in the public exhibition to design frescoes for the new Palace of Westminster, George Frederick Watts  travelled to Italy where he studied and work from 1843-1847. During this time he showed a considerable sympathy for the art of the Italian Renaissance and was inspired to use antique Italian frames on his own paintings. Few, if any British artists, used Italian antique or replica frames to the extent that Watts did.


Italian Baroque frames are to be found on both his earlier works and his later. Frames to a design with a garland of flowers and fruit or acorns was used on his return to England, circa 1847-1860, and the frame that became known as the 'Watts' frame, seen here, clearly inspired by the traditional Italian Cassetta frame, followed from some time in the 1860's. 


This pair of frames by Chapman Brothers, Kings Road, Chelsea, are typical, made up of a stylized acanthus leaf moulding with a triple bead and astragal below, a gilt oak veneered flat frieze and a small leaf-bud at the sight with ribbon ties at the centres. 


o.s:38.5 in x 46.5 in 

s.s:27.5 in x 35.5 in 

rebate: 28.5 in x 36.5 in 



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