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Painted Model Palanquin

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Palanquins were the most popular means of transport in British India before the introduction of horse-drawn vehicles and the the railway. This model is of a meehana or meena, a type of box palanquin developed and introduced from around 1800. As seen here, they resembled a large chest, and were carried by four men, two back and two front, carrying the box with its passenger supported by long cane poles on their shoulders. This fine model, made from wood and painted, has the sliding doors which open onto an accurately rendered interior with its red mattress and bolsters and a shelf above a drawer for the passengers belongings. A label found inside reads 'Model of a Palki (palenkeen) used in India made in Benares.' (200 miles south east of Lucknow) 


Made circa 1840.


25 inches long overall. The cabin 9.5 in long x 5.75 in high x 5.75 in deep.


Item Code: 1880

£ 2750

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