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Old Woman by Thomas Frye from his series of Fanciful Heads

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Mezzotint by Thomas Frye from his series of life-sized fanciful heads; Old Woman leaning on a Crutch. Thomas Frye executed portraits in oil, pastel and mezzotint.


The mezzotints for which Frye is chiefly remembered is his series of seventeen life-size heads, which he published in two series between 1760-1762. Not presented as portraits but a series of 'fanciful heads' arranged in diverse poses; only his self portrait is identifiable.


This example on excellent condition with good margins on three sides; trimmed close to the plate mark at the base line.


Sheet size: 14.75 in x 20.5 in

o/s: 26.75 in x 20.25 in


Item Code: 4615

£ 1350

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