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Nickel/Paktong Snuff Box

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An interesting snuff box which is difficult to date exactly and objectively, and thereby a little difficult to identify the metal it is made from. On balance this is probably nickel, the engraving, especially to the base, is very similar to botanical watercolours we have recently sold that have been signed and dated between 1835 and 1845. And the font used to engrave the name is not Georgian.


However, in Keith Pinn’s work on Paktong, plate 96 illustrates a paktong box made of sheet metal, engraved, and thereby similar to this. To the inside of the lid are stamped pseudo-hallmarks, again similar in style to those found stamped to the inside of this box’s lid. Pinn notes that ‘it is evident that …snuff boxes were made of paktong….but surviving examples are extremely rare.’


It is a pretty box, well made, (presumably by J. Webb) the central knuckle of the hinge is multi fingered; a good indication of superior quality from a maker who knew his trade.


3 1/8 in x 1 ¾ in x 7/8 in



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