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Nelson & Foudroyant Walking Stick

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An oak and copper walking stick made from the salvage of the Foudroyant.


English circa 1900. 34 inches long. 


The second HMS Foudroyant was launched at Plymouth in 1798 and was Nelson's flagship from 1799 to 1800.

Converted to a training ship in 1862 and then sold for a thousand pounds in 1892, to a German firm for breaking up. However, due to her association with Nelson there was a public outcry and was soon after purchased by George Wheatley Cobb for twenty thousand pounds, hoping to use her for sail training and display as an attraction at various ports. Regrettably, she was wrecked in a gale off Blackpool in 1897. The salvage company would only be paid if they were able to re-float her, which proved impossible, and so it was they that organized the production of hundreds of souvenirs made from the copper and timbers of the vessel in order to recover some of their expenses. 


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