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Nelson Commemorative Jug from the Herculaneum Factory

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An oviform creamware jug commemorating the victory and death of Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. Made in at the Herculaneum Factory, Liverpool, circa 1805. 

To the obverse is printed a stipple engraved portrait of Nelson with his dates and age beneath; above is the Trafalgar legend, 'England Expects every Man to do his Duty'. To the reverse is printed a plan of the battle site, with the two fleets coming together. The British are arranged in two columns approaching the French fleet at right-angles – the manoeuvre known as crossing the 'T' – thus allowing the British to break the enemy into three groups and thereby overcome them. It was this Trafalgar victory that bought to an end the threat of French invasion, (Napoleon turning his attention eastwards), and established Nelson's reputation as leader and master tactician with his dramatic death towards the end of the day, as the battle was won.

In fine condition; 5.25 inches high 



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