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Military Campaign Games Compendium

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Something to pass the leisure hours, often noted in soldiers woolworks to be whilst in India, a brass bound mahogany games compendium.


The box itself can serve as a lectern; the rake of the lid determined by a prop that can engage with one of three settings and a ledge to hold a book is stowed beneath the chess pieces.


The first function within the box is that of a lap desk with a fold-out baize-lined writing surface, a pen tray and a pair of inkwells.


There are two packs of cards and four turned bone scoring pegs. The reverse of the writing surface is inlaid with a sycamore checkerboard for chess or draughts with scoring strips along two sides. Beneath this is a lift-out tray with a full set of chess pieces. The lid is inlaid with a backgammon board and there is a removable box containing turned wooden pieces for the playing of backgammon or draughts.


English circa 1880.


15.75 in x 10.75 in x 5.25 in 



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