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Mezzotint Portrait of John Cennick

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A fine impression of this mezzotint by Robert Purcell after the work by Thomas Jenkins, published in 1754 shortly before the death of the sitter at the age of 37.

Within a good replica of an eighteenth century 

 print frame.  

John Cennick was an outstanding preacher and hymn writer and the first layman to be a Methodist preacher for John Wesley. He was deputy to George Whitefield and worked closely with the Welsh evangelist Howell Harris. Due to arguments within Methodism, Cennick left that the Methodists to join the Moravian Church where he was ordained as a deacon. The main focus of his evangelism was to be Northern Ireland where he established fifteen chapels, over forty religious societies and in excess of 200 hundred preaching places.

Thomas Jenkins; a painter who became wealthy as an art dealer. Living in Rome, he secured commissions for the British Artists who had set-up studios there and bought works of art for those noblemen making the Grand Tour. Among many of the famous sculptures he acquired is Bernini’s Neptune and Triton, now in the Victoria & Albert Museum.


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