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Mameluck after Carle Vernet

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A fine and beautifully presented pair of aquatint engravings after the works by Carle (Antoine Charles Horace) Vernet, 'Attaque de Mameluck' and 'Charge de Mameluck', within fine and original gilt gesso frames.


French circa 1830.


'Charge de Mameluck' has been engraved by Philibert-Louis Debucourt (1744-1832). 


Antoine Charles Horace (known as Carle) Vernet was a French painter born in Bordeaux; from the age of five he showed extraordinary prowess when it came to painting horses. Having won the grand prix of 1782 he appeared to lose interest in art and following the execution by guillotine of his sister during the revolution ceased to work as an artist. However, he again began to produce under the French directory although by now his style had changed radically and much of his output glorified Napoleon and his battles. For his 'Morning of Austerlitz’, Napoleon awarded him the Legion of Honour and Louis XVIII later awarded him the Order of Saint Michael. Following this period of acclaim he concentrated on depictions of horses and hunting scenes.

Much of Debucourt’s work was to his own designs but he was also a chosen engraver of Carle Vernet, producing in aquatint some of his most famous works; Horse Frightened by a Lion, Horse Frightened by Lightning the Strayed Huntsman and one of this pair; 'Charge de Mameluck'. 


o.s: 29.75 in x 26.25 in 



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£ 1850

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