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Major Francis Tulloch by Tassie

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A cast glass portrait of Major Francis Tulloch within a period turned and ebonized wood frame. Impressed beneath the sitters shoulder is his identity 'Franciscus Tulloch Familia de Tannachie', signed Tassie f.

5.75 in x 4.75 in 

Tassie (1735-1799) was born in Pollockshaws, Glasgow. Initially training as a stone mason he moved to Dublin in 1763 where he learned to make imitations of antique cameos and gems using a type of glass paste that he had invented. This he used for the rest of his life to make gems and portrait medallions such as this. Tassie moved to London in 1766 becoming the leading portrait modeller of his day and producing some 500 medallions of his contemporaries. His work was  avidly collected by patrons as distinguished as Catherine the Great of Russia. 










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£ 1400

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