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Lion Attacking a Horse

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A good, early 19th century 'Grand Tour' version of the marble sculpture held by the Capitoline Museums in Rome. 


An early Hellenistic period sculpture, (late 4th century), the monumental sculpture was bought to Rome as war booty around the time of Alexander's conquest of Asia. The remains of the group, being the equine torso and and feline foreparts, were discovered in the stream bed near Circus Maximus, a gladiatorial stadium, around 1300. During the Renaissance, Michaelangelo's student, Ruggero Bascapé, replaced the horse's head and both animals missing limbs and tails. The work was not well received at the time. Perhaps because of the rather clumsy restoration, the sculpture has since been reinterpreted by many sculptors, most notably Antonio Susini around 1590, perhaps working with Giambolgna.


This example, signed to the base 'L. Deroffe', was produced around 1820, exhibits a deep green-brown patina and with excellent after work.


Dimensions: w:10.5 in x d:8 in x h:7.75 in.


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£ 1850

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