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Lignum Vitae Fid

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A turned Lignum Vitae wooden fid. English circa 1890. 


17.5 inches long.


'Lignum vitae' is Latin for 'wood of life', it is unequaled in use as ship propeller shaft bushings and bearings and because of its self lubricating properties it usually lasts almost 3 times as long as metal and is able to withstand working pressure up to 2,000 psi. It is widely used as bearings in small applications such as clocks; famously used by Master clockmaker John Harrison  as bearings in his experimental clocks H1,2 & 3.  It is also used for rollers, casters, mallets, small wheels and band saw blocks. It aas once used to make bowling balls and in the early 1500’s it was introduced into Europe for medical purposes; the resin is still used for treating gout and rheumatism.



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