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Largest Gallery Glass

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An elegant, Regency period Rosewood framed gallery glass, the handle united to the frame by a gilt brass collar secured to the bezel by four blued steel screws.

dia: 10.25 inches; overall length 20.25 in   

The Regency Glass seemed only to be made during a fairly narrow period of time. Exactly why they faded from fashion with the Regency era is not clear but it is thought that they came into being at this time due to the establishment of the first public art galleries. Although the Foundling Hospital raised money through benevolent artists’ exhibitions and recitals from around 1750, (Handel, Hogarth and others), The Dulwich Picture Gallery is generally considered the oldest public art gallery in England and opened its doors to the public at the time in question, 1817.  

It is difficult to appreciate the little bit of magic that comes with these gallery glasses unless you handle one. It is all to do with the focal length which allows for a closer inspection of a large artwork hung high on a gallery wall, (or a sculpture of course). A regular magnifying glass simply inverts the subject and is of no use at all and binoculars (or opera glasses) only show you a very small part of the whole; again, of little benefit. 



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