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Large Dutch Brass & Iron Skimmer

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A mid eighteenth century Dutch brass and iron skimmer which "cooks take away all the filth and scume from off a boiling pott the liquor runing throw the holes, and the dreggs remaineing on the scummer". A handsome kitchen utensil dating from circa 1750, the handle in particular confirming this to have been made in Holland as the warming pans identified as 18th century Dutch are often found with iron (or steel) handles with decorative turnings and a squashed finial as here. (See Fennimore’s ‘Metalwork in Early America’. The Winterthur Collection. Catalogue entry No.92). 

The brass of this skimmer demonstrates the value that can be attributed to the materials used at this time. Made from two pieces of cast and hammered sheet brass (latten) skillfully joined at the centre with dovetailed jointing, normally only seen when forming a cylinder of some sort. There is no reason to use this methodology other than to be able to use up two left-over pieces of sheet. Latten was clearly an expensive material in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

9.5 inches diameter x 30 inches long. 



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