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The Kitchen of a French Post House

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'The Kitchen of a French Post House, W.H. Bunbury inv. et del. Published Feb 1st 1771 by Darly 39 Strand where may be had Mr. Bunburys other works etc., etc., 

Engraving with etching within a period ebonized moulding frame. 

o.s: 16 in x 12 in 

Bunbury was from a landed family, educated at Westminster and Cambridge. He completed his Grand Tour 1769-70 and may have studied in Rome. His European travels inspired a series of caricatures mocking foreigners, most notably the series La Cuisine de la Poste from which this engraving is taken; the original of which was exhibited at the Royal Academy the year before this publication. Thereafter Bunbury was to become an honorary exhibitor at the Academy. He was equerry to HRH the Duke of York during the 1780's retiring to Keswick in 1799. 

His designs were etched by Darly, Bretherton, and from the 1780's by Dickinson.



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