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Iron Man Trap

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A blacksmith made man trap, English, dating from around 1800. 

From early in the 18th century common land was being enclosed for more efficient farming and designed parkland resulting in a loss of livelihood for many of the countries rural poor. There were protests up and down the land such as that of the rebel ‘King John’, who, in 1721 killed 11 deer at the Bishop’s Park, Farnham in Surrey, and then paraded through the town’s market place in triumph. In 1723 the Black Act was passed instituting over 50 poaching offences punishable by death. A century on and this was commuted to mere transportation! A further century on and Gertrude Gentle writes of how she uncovered a man trap in Old West Surrey, "it was discovered in a wood on a beautiful property owned by a lady who had four then unmarried daughters.  Luckily no one enjoyed the obvious joke more than these dear ladies themselves."

17.5 inches x 43 inches


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