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Huron-Wendat Bark and Moose Hair Cigar Case

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A fine example of Huron-Wendat Birch Bark and Moose Hair work, here used to decorate a cigar case. This work was first encountered by the Huron-Wendat people when working alongside Ursuline nuns in Catholic missions along the Saint Lawrence. The nuns taught the Natives to combine French embroidery techniques with their familiar indigenous materials, most often birch bark and dyed moose hair. 

The top band is beautifully detailed with a continuous design of indigenous plants and four Natives, each smoking a pipe; the patterns of their clothes meticulously recorded. The main body of the case has a similar scene with two further Natives walking and smoking, an indigenous bird in the sky. To the reverse is an allegorical motif of the bald-headed eagle of the Great Seal taking the same indigenous bird as its prey. 

Huron-Wendat circa 1860.

5 3/8 in x 3 in

Condition exceptional.


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£ 895

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