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Honour Tobacco Box

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A 'penny in the slot' tobacco dispenser, commonly known as an honour or honesty box on account of the honesty required to fill just your pipe bowl with tobacco and not your pockets in exchange for the penny dispensed to open the box! Made from heavy sheet and cast brass, this present example is of a hitherto unseen design in that the mechanism end of the contraption is hinged at the back,rather than the side, and is secured by a conventional key operated cabinet lock.  


English circa 1840. There are faint traces of a small amount of copper-plate engraving to the lids but it is no longer possible to read; unfortunate as this was likely to tell of the inn from which this box came. 


w:9 in x d:4.5 in x h:7



Item Code: 2353

£ 1500

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