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H.M.S. Doris

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A good 19th century sailormade woolwork picture of H.M.S. Doris under full sail passing a lighthouse. A label to the reverse from the National Maritime Museum, dated 22 August 1949, states that H.M.S. Doris was a screw frigate of 24 guns launched at Pembroke in 1857. She was of 3800 tons. 

Being commissioned during a period of comparative peace she did not figure in any great actions. However, she is recorded as having seized the Colombian Government Steamer COLOMBIANO in 1867 but released her soon afterwards. It is assumed that this was an incident in the Spanish South American Wars. Apparently, having no wars of our own to fight we were helping allies fight their battles.


J. McC Bazire,




Within the original walnut frame. It is interesting to note that these frames are regularly found to be the original frames to watercolours by the Maltese artist Nicholas Cammillieri. Was this woolwork completed at sea and then framed when calling at Malta, for almost two hundred years the home of the British Mediterranean fleet?


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