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Her Royal Highness Augusta

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Her Royal Highness Augusta, Hereditary Princess of Brunswick & Lunenberg. 

Mezzotint, engraved by Purcell after the work by  Reynolds, published by Robert Sayer, Map & Printseller, London.

Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttell (1737-1813) was a  daughter of Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales, and sister of George III. In 1764 she married Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick at St. James’s Palace. During the Napoleonic Wars her husband died from wounds received in battle, and the princess returned to Britain, in 1807, granted protection by George III.

It is thought that almost all of Purcell's mezzotints were piracies of other mezzotints and it is difficult to understand how Sayer and Purcell avoided prosecution for breaching copyright. Clearly, Purcell's frequent use of pseudonyms should be considered an effective smokescreen. He seems to have used around five; perhaps Johson, definitely Charles Corbutt (as in this case), Charles Corbett, Philip Corbutt and Patrick Purcell.

This mezzotint sold loose/unframed. Inexcellent condition, on wove and with decent margins.

Sheet size: 14 1/2 in x 16 1/8 in 


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