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The Head of a Young Man by Thomas Frye

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The Head of a Young Man with a Candlestick and Book from the first series of life-sized heads produced by Thomas Frye in 1760.

Coming to London as a portrait painter when aged around 20 he promptly invented and patented a recipe for the making of porcelain, establishing the Bow Porcelain Factory and producing the first porcelain in England. However, after some fiteen years at the factory the toxic fumes induced illness in Frye, forcing him to retire and return to portraiture and the publication of his prints. An exhibition of 'Thomas Frye's Fancy Heads', published in two series, 1760 and 1761, was held at the National Portrait Gallery in 2007. Taking from the curator's introduction we learn that Frye was a true entrepreneur, advertising his series of prints in the London newspapers as elegant decoration for a room, 'they were very high quality, were expensive and sold as a limited edition'. They were aimed directly at the top-end of the market for 'fancy' prints. The mezzotint sets are a lasting testament to his talents as a printmaker.

This print is in excellent condition with margins beyond the plate mark, within a replica of a correct 18th century print frame with a gilt sight.

o.s:17 3/8 in x 23 3/4 in 


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