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George Tierney, Member for Southwark

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A fine stipple engraving, published by W. Matthews in December of 1797, engraved by William Nutter after the portrait made by Lemuel Francis Abbott. A sharp and inky impression printed with open letters and within a good copy of an eighteenth century print frame.

o.s: 17 1/8 in x 22 1/8 in

Tierney was elected Member of Parliament for Southwark in 1796 and held the seat until 1806. The Thames at Southwark is shown behind Tierney in the present print. 

He was known for his radical views and as a supporter of Charles James Fox and the French Revolution. He was often lampooned in caricatures of the day as a French Revolutionary. Following the secession of Fox and many of his supporters from Parliament in 1797, Tierney emerged as one of the most prominent opponents to William Pitt and his foreign policy. In May of 1798, Pitt accused him of want of patriotism and a duel ensued on Putney Heath. Neither combatant was injured. 

George Tierney was Treasurer of the Navy 1803-1804, President of the Board of Control 1806-1807 and Master of the Mint 1827-1828. 


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