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Genoa, from Collection des Prospects

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Perspective print titled La Belle Place au Port de Gene in mirror-inversed capital letters above the scene, (sub-titled in Dutch and French beneath); engraved by Jean Benoit Winckler and produced in Augsburg around 1770. A fine early example of this coloured perspective print intended for viewing with the Zograscope, retaining excellent strong and original colour, within a good handmade copy of an eighteenth century print frame.

o.s:18 in x 14.5 in 

Winckler, born in 1727, was an artist working from Augsburg during the second half of the eighteenth century. Much of his work was perspective views such as this, being produced to be viewed through a zograscope, either within the home, (if one was wealthy enough), or else at country fairs and the like. Such perspective views were superseded by what became known as the Magic Lantern, invented in January 1793 by the German, Paul de Philipsthal, and whom by 1801 had come to London and opened an exhibition at the Lyceum Theatre in the Strand. 


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